Justin Jackson - Engaging Adults in Learning

Justin Jackson speaks about adult learning, skills we can teach to prepare students for careers in tech and the importance of mental health.

This episode features Justin Jackson. Justin has been working in the adult education field by developing professional development courses, writing books and creating online communities for adults, especially computer programmers (check out his site Mega Maker). He has some great insights into the type of learning that people choose and how we might improve learning for teachers.

He also recently launched a startup with a co-founder called Transistor.fm which is a podcast hosting site. I was interested to hear what he thought about how education might be able to help develop the next generation of tech founders. He did not disappoint, he shared freely of his experience and I think will make us all consider what he said in our contexts of school.

You can connect with Justin on Twitter @mijustin or https://justinjackson.ca/

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