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Raelene Finlayson - Early Education

Raelene Finlayson speaks about the benefits of early education and why it is a sound investment.

Armand Doucet - Teaching During a Pandemic

Armand Doucet speaks about the importance of teachers during a pandemic and navigating change in education.

Line Groot Degner - Transformative Coaching

Line Degroot Degner speaks about coaching and how to create a culture of improvement in organizations.

Cale Birk - Observable Impact

Cale Birk speaks about his new book, PLC 2.0, and how schools can increase their observable impact.

Dr. Steven Katz - The Intelligent, Responsive Leader

Dr. Steven Katz of OISE speaks about school leadership.

Kurtis Hewson - Collaborative Response

Kurtis Hewson talks about collaborative response and how it can change how you approach meeting student needs.

Andrew Baxter - Student Mental Health

Andrew Baxter, the Lead for the Alberta Mental Health Literacy Project in Alberta, speaks about how schools can help with mental health.

Dr. Leanne Peters - Leaders as Learners

Dr. Leanne Peters speaks about continuing learning for school leaders.

Katherine Mann - Communicating Assessment

Katherine Mann speaks about assessment and tips for communicating student progress.

Dr. Jim Brandon - School Leader Learning

Dr. Jim Brandon speaks about ongoing School Leader Professional Learning.

Etienna Moostoos-Lafferty - Schools and Reconciliation

Etienna Moostoos-Lafferty speaks about her work helping teachers bring indigenous perspectives to life in the classroom.

Dr. Jenni Donohoo - Collective Efficacy

Dr. Jenni Donohoo speaks about what collective efficacy is and how to use it for increased student performance in schools.

2019 - Year in Review

We review all 27 conversations that we hosted in 2019 and look forward to next year.

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