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Scott Onuczko - Creativity, Communication, & Technology

Scott Onucko, Prime Minister's Teaching award winner, speaks about authentic learning with Communication Technology.

Dr. Bonnie Stelmach - Creating School Communities

Professor Bonnie Stelmach talks about research regarding building school communities.

Joey Feith - Teaching Physical Education

Joey Feith, physical education teacher and creator of, speaks to us about the finer points of teaching physical education.

Adrian Piccoli - Education from a Minister's Perspective

Former Minister of Education for New South Wales speaks about viewing education from public office.

Lynn Leslie - School Planning That Has Impact

Lynn Leslie speaks about educational planning and how to make it more impactful to schools.

What Great Schools Do #2 - Schools Where Students Want to Be

The second episode in our series about What Great Schools Do focuses on creating schools where students want to be and discusses the following aspects: relationships, academic engagement, fun, safety, fairness & equity, and voice.

Brad Langdale - "Doing" Physics

Brad Langdale speaks about the importance of science and ways he has learned to connect the sciences with students.

What Great Schools Do #1 - Teacher Professional Learning

The first episode in our series "What Great Schools Do" focuses on Professional Teacher Learning

Nicole Lakusta - Technology for Learning

Nicole Lakusta speaks about using technology to impact student learning.

Dr. Simon Breakspear - Learning Sprints and Teacher Expertise

Dr. Simon Breakspear speaks about how Learning Sprints can be used to increase teacher expertise and ultimately, student performance.

Langston Evans - Increasing Equity in Schools

Langston Evans speaks about the AVID program and how they are increasing equity in schools.

Dr. Randy Hetherington, Bryn Spence & Corey Haley - Leader's Roundtable

Bryn Spence, Dr. Randy Hetherington, and I speak about issues facing school administrators today and discuss solutions to important questions.

Richard Gerver - A Manifesto for Change

Richard Gerver speaks about creating the schools we want for our kids.

Aaron Dublenko - Innovate for Citizenship and the Environment

Aaron Dublenko, a teachers from Edmonton, speaks about innovation in schools.

Dr. Jody Carrington - Kids These Days

Dr. Jody Carrington speaks about how teachers are heroes and how they need to take care of themselves.

Dr. Jed Richardson - Program Evaluation

Dr. Jed Richardson speaks about how we might measure the impact of teaching and programs.

Diane Lander - Concept-Based Instruction

Diane Lander explains concept-based learning and how it might improve teaching.

Brian Torrance - Everactive Schools & Healthy Communities

Brian Torrance speaks about how Everactive schools works to create healthy schools and communities.

Janelle Allen - Engaging Adult Learning Online

Janelle Allen, from Zen Courses, speaks about engagement, adult learning, online delivery and creating learning communities.

Tal Thompson - Building Character and Academics

Tal Thompson speaks about developing the building blocks of character in students, while also raising achievement.

Dr. Randy Hetherington, Bryn Spence, and Corey Haley - Leading Schools

Dr. Randy Hetherington, Bryn Spence, and Corey Haley speak about the issues administrators face in schools and solutions for these obstacles.

Dr. Marian Small - Numeracy and Math

Dr. Marian Small speaks about increasing students performance in mathematics.

Supt. Rob Hill - Police and Schools Working Together

RCMP Superintendent speaks about how police and schools can work together to create better communities.

Jennifer Gfroerer - Leading STEM Implementation

Jennifer Gfroerer, principal of Valley Catholic Middle School in Beaverton, Oregon, speaks to us about the advantages of STEM education and shares her implementation story.

Dr. Kate Storey - Healthier Students & Communities

Dr. Kate Storey shares ways we might increase the health of our students and communities through schools.

Justin Jackson - Engaging Adults in Learning

Justin Jackson speaks about adult learning, skills we can teach to prepare students for careers in tech and the importance of mental health.

Dr. Jennifer Tupper - Educating Future Teachers

Dr. Jennifer Tupper, Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta, speaks about what goes into developing the program for educating future teachers.

George Couros - What The Innovator's Mindset Brings to Good Teaching

George Couros speaks about the Innovator's Mindset and how it can improve teaching and learning.

Review - Education Lessons from Our Past Guests

A short review of episodes #21-30. Corey speaks about the essential messages and take-aways from our guests.

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