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#35 - Dr. Kate Storey - Healthier Students & Communities

Dr. Kate Storey shares ways we might increase the health of our students and communities through schools.

#34 - Justin Jackson - Engaging Adults in Learning

Justin Jackson speaks about adult learning, skills we can teach to prepare students for careers in tech and the importance of mental health.

#33 - Dr. Jennifer Tupper - Educating Future Teachers

Dr. Jennifer Tupper, Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta, speaks about what goes into developing the program for educating future teachers.

#32 - George Couros - What The Innovator's Mindset Brings to Good Teaching

George Couros speaks about the Innovator's Mindset and how it can improve teaching and learning.

#31 - Review - Education Lessons from Our Past Guests

A short review of episodes #21-30. Corey speaks about the essential messages and take-aways from our guests.

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