Andrew Baxter - Student Mental Health

Andrew Baxter, the Lead for the Alberta Mental Health Literacy Project in Alberta, speaks about how schools can help with mental health.
In this episode we speak with Andrew Baxter. Andrew has worked in School Based and Community Mental Health for over 18 years.  During his time with Alberta Health Services, he has provided direct treatment for students from K – 12 as well as consultation for their families and their teachers.  He currently serves as the Lead for the Alberta Mental Health Literacy Project which is rolling out in school boards across the province.  He has conducted Mental Health Literacy trainings across Canada and assisted in other provincial/territorial Mental Health Literacy initiatives.  In addition to acting as a consultant to school boards, Andrew provides training to parents, pre-service teachers, health care providers and community partners.  Andrew continues to serve on the School Based Mental Health Quality Improvement Committee in Calgary.  His educational background is in social work and psychology.

You can connect with him at @MHLprojectco


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Andrew Baxter - Student Mental Health
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