Lee Smith - Moral Distress in Educational Leaders

In this episode we bring you my conversation with Lee Smith about Moral Distress in Education.
With a few stints back in Canada over the years, Lee has been mostly working in and leading schools internationally since 1996. In Australia, Taiwan, Korea, and China, he has been a Literature and Humanities teacher, curriculum coordinator, vice-principal, and principal. He has been affiliated with Canadian-accredited schools abroad, specifically British Columbia offshore schools, for twelve years. In his current role as Offshore School Representative, Lee acts as the liaison between five BC offshore schools in China and the British Columbia Ministry of Education and Child Care. He started his PhD studies at the University of Alberta in 2019, and is now nearing completion of his dissertation. His doctoral study seeks to understand how fifteen principals of Canadian-accredited schools abroad make sense of morally distressing situations within the context of their own professional identities.

For more information on the study that was conducted in Alberta that referenced Moral Distress in Educational Leaders (Dr. Bonnie Stelmach), please listen to this episode of the uLead Podcast or read the study.

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Lee Smith - Moral Distress in Educational Leaders
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